luni, 13 iunie 2011

Blog awards

These wonderful blog awards were given to me by the lovely Emm@. Thanks honey. :*



Name your fav color: red
Name your fav song: let's say Tiarra - Ielele though there are about a million songs I love
Name your fav dessert: ice-cream (Magnum almonds)
What is pissing you off? my exams right now...
When you're upset, you... I rarely get upset, but I'm frequently angry, and not always for the right reasons
Your fav pet: kittens
Black or White? black
Your biggest fear is...: I'm usually afraid of being all alone for a long period, but right now I think that failing my exams scares me more
Your best feature is...: my eyes, I suppose, or my lips. or maybe both.
Everyday attitude: try to be positive, try to be positive, try to be positive :))
What is perfection? something unreachable
Guilty pleasure: coke


The rules are:

1. Link back to the person who passed you the award!
2. Share 7 random things about yourself!
3. Award 15 blogs. (I'm only gonna pass this awards to 10 blogs, so that ANYBODY can take them. I'd love it if you would, just let me know.)
4. Drop them a line and tell them about it!

1. I did, look at the beginning of the post
- I'm very impulsive.
- I hate/fear being alone.
- I love swimming. I could swim for a week without stopping and still be able to continue.
- I don't really like chocolate. I mean I barely eat it (and by this I mean like twice a month most), and I work just fine like this.
- I don't like wearing T-shirts unless they're really big (like mens T-shirt, you know?)
- I don't leave my house unless I'm wearing at least mascara & concealer.
- I get really excited whenever I get a comment on my blog.
- I would die to win a giveaway. :))

3. Adrienne, Gya, Iguanitza, Iulia C., Laura Jean, Miss Brittany Boo, Miu Miu, Sara, Shopperita, Superficial Doll.

8 comentarii:

  1. " I don't like wearing T-shirts unless they're really big (like mens T-shirt, you know?)"

    Si eu la fel! Altfel nu le suport!Nu mi se par comfortabile.

  2. @Lav: asa'i? :)) aceeasi senzatie o am si eu. deci raman fidela maieurilor. :))

  3. Congratulations on your award :) <3 you truely deserve it. ^_^ And thank you so much for passing it to me. you're a sweetheart!

  4. @Sara.H: Awww, you're too cute. :)) I don't actually deserve it, I mean I'm just starting my way with this blog, I've got like a million years until it's gonna be ok. :))

  5. @Iulia C: Cu placere, meriti. :*

  6. Multumesc frumos pentru premiu! :)

  7. @Shopperita: Cu mare placere. Il meriti. :*