joi, 21 iulie 2011

This or that TAG

Am primit un nou taaag. Multumesc mult, Laura M. :*


Blush or bronzer: Blush
Lip gloss or lipstick: Probably both, but I do use more lip glosses than lipsticks
Eyeliner or mascara: Mascara all the way. I could NOT live without it.
Foundation or concealer: Concealer
Neutral or color eye shadow: Neutral
Pressed or loose eye shadows: Both, but I have more pressed eye shadows than loose ones
Brushes or sponges: Brushes, duuuh.


OPI or China Glaze: None. I think they're far to expensive for a nail polish and I don't believe in miracles
Long or short: Long... If only it would be possible.
Acrylic or natural: Natural.
Brights or darks: Brights...
Flower or no flower: No flower.


Perfume or body splash: Both.
Lotion or body butter: Lotion.
Body wash or soap: Body wash
Lush or other bath company: Any bath company :))


Jeans or sweat pants: Jeans, of course.
Long sleeve or short: Tops. Or perhaps long sleeve. I don't really like the T-shirt type.
Dresses or skirts: Skirts
Stripes or plaid: None.
Flip flops or sandals: Sandals for anything other than the beach.
Scarves or hats: Scarves.
Studs or dangly earrings: Studs.
Necklaces or bracelets: Bracelets.
Heels or flats: Mostly flats.
Cowboy or riding boots: I don't actually own any, but I kinda like them both.
Jacket or hoodie: Both, but I do enjoy hoodies more.


Curly or straight: Well, mine is pretty curlly, so obviously straight. Until it grows longer that is.
Bun or ponytail: Depends. Buns make it more comfortable, though.
Bobby pins or butterfly clips: It depends a lot, but I do use butterfly clips more often.
Hairspray or gel: None!
Light or dark: Dark. Natural, that is.
Side sweep bangs or full bangs: I love side swept bangs, but I'm not courageous enough for them.
Up or down: It depends. :))


Rain or shine: Both, I suppose.
Summer or winter: Summer all the waaay.
Fall or spring: Mostly spring, though summer has its pretty side too.
Chocolate or vanilla: Mhm. I'm not much of a sweets person.
East Coast or West Coast: Don't know, don't care. But I'd probably visit the East Coast :)

I'm gonna ask each and everyone that likes this tag to take it, I see it's already been done by a million persons. :*

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  1. Ce ma bucur ca l-ai facut:D
    In legatura cu ojele ai mare dreptate. Am prins o oja la oferte de la 20 de lei la 10 lei si am luat-o.. Acu regret. Nu merita 10 dapai 20 :(
    ti pup :*