duminică, 20 noiembrie 2011

Posta romana

As far as some of you know, I have had some very bad issues with my local post office. I have had a couple of packages that have come back a couple of times, some that have arrived their destination after more than 3 months, and about three parcels that are yet supposed to arrive. I have taken an important decision. If by the end of the month the packages will not arrive, I will ask you all to give me your bank account numbers and I will send you the money. (The value of the package I was supposed to send). I am deeply sorry, in some cases I may have misplaced the receipt or something, so I might not be able to give you proof of postage, but I dearly invite you to do a blog post or really bad publicity on facebook or wherever if by the 5th of December you do not have either the package or its value in money. In case you decide to do this now, please be such a sweetheart and give your readers a link to this post.
*I am writing this post in English only as one of the packages is meant to arrive its destination in UK. This is meant to be a sign of good faith and the most sincere intentions, as I could have closed my blog as soon as my means were reached.*

I know you have no reason to believe this, but trust me, even if I am not writing a lot on this blog, I love it and my readers very much, so I have no reason to ruin this for nothing. Most of you have my address and my full name, so I have nothing to hide.

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