vineri, 26 octombrie 2012

Haunting Halloween - Tales from the Crypt

Hello beauties. :)

Today we're gonna talk about how perfect women are and how... OOOPS! Wrong speach. We're gonna talk about how scary we beauty bloggers can be. :D
Astazi vom vorbi despre cat de perfecte sunt femeile si despre cum... OOOPS! Am gresit discursul. Vom vorbi despre cat de infricosatoare putem noi, bloggeritele de beauty, sa fim. :D

These being said, I invite you to our Haunting Halloween weekend. Let's watch this video as an intro, and then, we'll see what I have for you today.
Acestea fiind spuse, va invit la weekendul nostru bantuit... de Halloween. Haideti sa ne uitam la acest video ca intro, si apoi sa vedem ce am astazi pentru voi.

Now that I've spooked you all, here's the Crypt that we partied in last year.
Acum ca v'am speriat pe toate, aici e Cripta in care am petrecut anul trecut.

I don't wanna go scaring you from the beginning, so here's my profile...
Nu vreau sa va speriu din prima, deci va arat o poza din profil...

Now a "softer" version...
Acum o varianta mai "soft"...

And a photo taken from above... Black and white 'cause the difference between the colour of my cleavage and my face is kind of annoying.
Si o poza facuta de sus... Alb negru pentru ca diferenta de culoare dintre decolteu si fata e cam enervanta.

And nooow... Zoom on the eyes. :>
Si acuuum... Zoom pe ochi. :>

And the final touch... The lips. And teeth I might add, as I had the brilliant idea to add some red nail polish on them. :))
Si accentul final... Buzele. Si dintii as putea adauga, pentru ca am avut geniala idee de a ma da cu oja rosie pe ei. :))

What did I do to get this look? Quite easy. I drew the eyebrows higher than they are, used dark colours under the eyes to get some dark circles, foundation on the lips, some lip stain as blood on the lips... and some white eyeshadow as face powder to look pale.
Ce am facut ca sa obtin acest look? Destul de usor. Am desenat sprancenele mai inalte decat sunt, am folosit culori inchise sub ochi ca sa am cearcane, fond de ten pe buze, lip stain pe post de sange pe buze... si fard alb pe post de pudra de fata ca sa arat cat mai palida.

Hope you liked it and you'll find it useful... Now hurry and find some inspiration at my fellow bloggers:
Sper ca vi'a placut si ca va fi util... Acum grabiti'va sa gasiti inspiratie si pe la colegele mele bloggerite:

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