joi, 6 decembrie 2012

Tag: One lovely blog award

Hello ladies. 

I've been receiving this tag/award quite a lot lately, so I figured it's time I make a post about it... But first, I'd like to thank the lovely ladies who tagged me for it.
Am tot primit tag'ul/award'ul acesta in ultimul timp, deci m'am gandit ca ar fi timpul sa fac si o postare despre el... Dar prima data, vreau sa le multumesc minunatelor domnisoare care m'au tagg'uit.

So basically, all I have to do is tell you 7 random things about me...
Toata ideea tag'ului este sa va zic 7 lucruri aleatorii despre mine... So here it goes:

1. I'm wearing a Santa hat right now. I bought it today, together with some small presents I chose for some friends, and I plan to wear it when I will give them the gifts.
1. In momentul acesta, port o caciula de Mos Craciun. Am cumparat'o astazi, impreuna cu niste mici cadouri pe care le'am ales pentru cativa prieteni, si planuiesc sa o port cand o sa ii cadorisesc.

2. Talking about Christmas, probably half of the money I will get will go on presents. This year, I wanna be Santa and make everybody happy. And this Santa right here has a looong list. :D
2. Vorbind despre Craciun, probabil jumatate dintre banii pe care ii voi primi se vor duce pe cadouri. Anul acesta vreau sa fiu "Mos Craciun" si sa fac pe toata lumea fericita... iar lista mea e foaaarte lunga. :D

3. All I want for Christmas this year is a lovely evening with my friends. Really, I've been thinking about what gifts could I be dreaming of, and I couldn't think of anything. Well a hair straightener, but that doesn't count 'cause somebody promised to get it for me.
3. Tot ce imi doresc de Craciunul acesta este o seara frumoasa alaturi de prieteni. Serios, am stat si m'am gandit cam ce cadouri as putea sa imi doresc, si nu mi'a venit nicio idee. Bine, poate o placa de intins parul, dar aia nu se pune pentru ca mi'a promis cineva ca imi ia una.

4. I'm way too obsessed with perfection. If I create something and it is not perfect, it will stay hidden till the ends of time... This might be a problem considering that I believe that perfection does not exist...
4. Sunt muuult prea obsedata de perfectiune. Daca creez ceva si nu e perfect, va sta ascuns pana la sfarsiturile timpului... Asta ar putea fi o problema, luand in considerare faptul ca eu cred ca perfectiunea nu exista...

5. Each and every time I start the music player on my phone I chose the exact same song to play first and then I just select the shuffle option.
5. Absolut de fiecare data cand ascult muzica pe telefon aleg aceasi melodie la inceput, si apoi le las pe shuffle.

6. I had a... test-like interview. Yesterday. For my dream job... So fingers crossed maybe? Please? Pretty please?
6. Am avut un... interviu-test. Ieri. Pentru jobul visurilor mele... Deci poate imi tineti pumnii? Va rog? Va rog frumos?

7. I'm bored...
7. Ma plictisesc...

So... that's about all. :) Any randomness you'd like to share?
Deci... cam asta este tot. :) Ceva aleatoriu ce ati vrea voi sa impartasiti?

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